Amparo – Hatha Yoga Teacher

My relationship with Yoga began long ago. At the beginning, it was only a “physical exercise”. Over time, it has become essential to understand who I am. Yoga is an extraordinary tool that helps me to shape my way of being in this life.

Yoga practice allows me to have a greater awareness of myself, it is an absolute connection with my body, my mind and my emotional state. It confronts me gently with myself, being able to see and recognise my resistances, fears and strengths to accept and integrate without judgments who I am.

Yoga provides me physical-mental and spiritual benefits that influence and improve my daily life. Continuous practice together with a cultivation of the sensitivity through the expressive arts shape a way of being, of seeing and understanding this life through a very personal perspective, as well as universal, pure, beautiful and creative.

Yoga helps one to feel free to live life consciously with humility, joy and serenity.

Being motivated to practice yoga is a sign that, consciously or unconsciously, we have decided to spend time with ourselves, we intend to have our well-being in our own hands.

In this case, our perseverance is going to be tested. However, we have the guarantee that a regular and methodical practice, together with the awareness that our limits are circumstantial and that they exist to be overcome, will definitely transform the way we understand our mind, body and emotions.

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