The Headstand – Turning your practice on its head :)

Headstand, the pose you may have seen us do in class, and thought to yourself “Yeah right, not in this lifetime!” It’s easier than you think, so easy that this workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Now it would be false advertising if we claimed you will definitely be able to do headstand as soon as you leave. That’s not how we roll, but what we can promise is that you will learn some really efficient strengthening exercises, and techniques which, if practiced consistently, will get you into headstand very soon. Maybe you’ll be able to do headstand in this workshop, but that will just be a nice bonus.

Why would you want to learn a crazy thing like headstand. Well, there’s many benefits, such as….

– Thanks to gravity, your brain gets a nice shot of more oxygen than it normally gets in one go. This improves your memory, Reduces anxiety and fatigue, and improves the functions of the endocrine system.
– Increased circulation to the head also means a slower rate of gray hairs and baldness. Keep practicing and you’ll still be able to do headstand well into old age.
– Increased circulation to the eyes mean people have reported the the headstand gives relief for all sorts of vision ailments, from glaucoma to nearsightedness.
– Your lungs are strengthened, giving you more immunity through flu season.
– Improved circulation helps also to treat everything from diabetes to varicose veins to constipation.
– In pregnancy, headstand reduces the chance of your baby being born breech (aka feet first).
– Last but not least, it does look pretty cool, being able to do headstand will earn you lots of high fives. Especially when you’re old and can still do it. 😉

This workshop will be taught by Mia, our founder, seen in the above picture. Growing up, Mia could hardly even throw a ball, let alone stand on her head. She could however, much to her surprise, do headstand for the first time when she was 30. If these techniques worked for Mia, they will work for anyone, and Mia thoroughly looks forward to sharing these with you!

Prices are €15, or for strippenkaart holders, you can also use 3 strips to pay for this workshop. For any questions, or to let us know you’re coming, please email us at, or WhatsApp 0641314367.

Workshop Yoga
Location: Willem Buytewechstraat 149 Date: March 11, 2018 Time: 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm Mia – Yoga Teacher/ Owner