10.30 Core Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Mia
19.15 Pilates – Mia
20.30 Hatha Yoga – Mia

19.30 Meditation – Geoffrey
20.30 Yin Yoga – Eve

9.15 Pilates – Mia
19.00 Kundalini Yoga – Omree
20.30 Slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Mia

18.15 Pilates – Mia
19.30 Ashtanga Yoga – Elkie

10.00 Hatha Yoga – Carry
19.00 Mindful Running – Mia

9.30 Kundalini Yoga – Bryan
11.00 Pilates – Mia
12.15 Core Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Mia

11.00 Yin Yang Yoga – Flor
12.30 Prenatal Yoga – Flor

*Please note, we will be closed Friday 27 April (Koningdag), and Sunday 20 May (Pinksteren). We will be open all other holidays. For our pregnant students, we will arrange an alternative time to meet up that week, please stay posted for more details!


To describe all of the classes we have in a nutshell:

Ashtanga Yoga = Classical power yoga

Hatha Yoga = Sun salutations followed by slower postures, great as an introduction to yoga or for experienced yogis who just want to relax

Kundalini Yoga = Chanting combined with some great spinal flexibility exercises, a great moving meditation

Meditation = Focus on one thing, such as breath or a mantra, to still and empty the mind

Mindful Running = Using the breath to deepen and enhance your running practice

Pilates = Derived from yoga, and zooms right in on the core muscles

Vinyasa Flow Yoga = Non-stop, creative movement

Yin Yoga = Long, slow, deep postures to deepen your flexibility